Sayyidina Kareemun (SAW) is He Who


This site is dedicated to the whole Ummah of Rasoolullah Sallalaho Alayhi Wasallam and especially for you and your family. Thank you for taking the time to visit this website. May Allah Kareem give you endless happiness and pleasure in this world and the hereafter. Ameen !!

We invite you to join us

Be a part of our 10,000 strong exclusive global Muslim community who share a common goal to send one Million "Sayyeduna Kareemun (SAW)" Durood Shareefs upon our Holy Prophet (SAW) every day.

To join us all you have to do is recite: "Sayyeduna Kareemun (SAW)" a minimum of 100 times or more a day . You have joined us. It takes less than 2 seconds to recite once and less than 3 minutes to recite 100 times a day. It is that simple!!

Purpose of reading Durood Shareef:

  1. To eradicate all the suffering and affliction in the world through the blessings of this powerful zikr of Sayyeduna Kareemun (SAW).
  2. To gain closeness and nearness to our glorious leader and Holy Prophet Sayyeduna Muhammad (SAW).
  3. To send the reward of this Durood Shareef to our Holy Prophet (SAW), his family and all the Muslims who have passed away globally.
  4. To make it a source of continuous charity (sadaqah jariyah) for all of us long after we have gone from this world.

Our cast iron promise:

  • We will not use this site to ask you for any donations, collect any money or ask you for any money EVER!
  • We will never ask you for any of your personal details. Whatever information you may divulge will be entirely on a voluntary basis.
  • You can add your Durood Shareef anonymously if you wish without ever opening an account on the site.

Blessings of Sayyeduna Kareemun (SAW) Zikr?

Illness said it was not going to leave.
But with the blessings of the Sayyeduna Kareemun (SAW), it became embarrassed and fled.

Poverty said it is not going to go away.
But after the recitation of the Durood of Sayyeduna Kareemun (SAW), it became ashamed and fled.

Ill fate said it is not going to go away.
But through the blessings of Sayyeduna Kareemun (SAW) it fled too.

Our Master (SAW) is indeed Kareem.
Kareem is he who gives:
Whatever you ask of him.
Whenever you ask of him.
As much as you ask of him.
Gives more than you ask of him.
Gives all the time
and gives to all the people.

Are you worried?

Are you worried about your health?
Are you worried about your job?
Are you worried about your financial situation?

Would you like a solution?

Yes, then start reading "Sayyeduna Kareemun Sallalaho-Alayhi-Wasallam" Durood Shareef immediately. Recite this Durood as much as you can and see miracles happen in your life. There is no limit to this zikr; recite as much as you can. The more you recite the better it is for you. You can recite it during the day, evening or at night. You can recite it whilst driving a car, sitting on a bus or collecting children from the mosque or the school. You can recite it all the time if you wish. You can also pass it on to other people. We request that once you establish this zikr then make it compulsory upon yourself to recite it every day until the last breath of your life. Do not abandon it ever. Inshallah with the barakah of this zikr, you will see your whole life will change for the better. You will receive endless happiness, respect, health and wealth both in this world and the hereafter inshallah!! May Allah give me and you taufeeq to recite this zikr profusely every day. Ameen!

We have a daily global target. Can we ask you to help us with our target?

Our Global Target

It is our target to send a minimum of over one Million Durood Shareefs on to our Holy Prophet (SAW) globally EVERY DAY.

Which Durood Shareef?

Sayyeduna Kareemun Sallalaho-Alayhi-Wasallam.

It is extremely easy to recite and it takes less than 2 seconds!

We need your help!

We are looking for people who can recite ...
100, 200, 300 ... 10,000 or more Duroods individually or collectively as a family every day.

How can you help?

You can help in any or all of the three ways.

  1. Choose and fix an amount of Durood Shareef you can recite yourself comfortably every day.
  2. Invite your family members and friends to do the same and so on ....
  3. Spread the word through mouth, e-mail, text messaging, facebook, twitter and social networking.

How can we achieve our target individually?

People Duroods a Day Total
100,000 x 10 1 Million
10,000 x 100 1 Million

How can we achieve our target as a group?

Groups Duroods per Group Total
10,000 x 100 1 Million
5,000 x 200 1 Million

How much time will it take to recite the durood?

Duroods a Day Time (approximately)
100 3 minutes
1,000 25 minutes *
* Note: the more you recite the faster you become

How much time do you have available in a day?

Allah Subhanahu Tallah gives us 24 hours a day
That is 1,440 minutes a day or
86,400 seconds every day!!

Don't squander it. Instead invest it wisely for your akhira!! Surely finding one or two hours a day from the time HE gives us cannot be difficult?

What is the reward?

The Prophet (SAW) said:
"On the day of judgement the person closest to me will be the one who has sent the most Durood unto me." [Tirmidhi]

In another hadith Rasoolallah (SAW) narrates that once Hazrat Jibraeel (AS), Hazrat Mikaeel (AS), Hazrat Israfeel (AS) and Hazrat Izraeel (AS) came into my presence.

Hazrat Jibraeel (AS) said that whoever sends Durood on you 10x Ya Rasoolullah (SAW) (on the day of judgement) I will hold his hand and make him cross the bridge of Pulsirat like lightening. The Pulsirat is the bridge which everyone has to cross to go to jannat.

Hazrat Mikaeel (AS) stated whoever sends Durood 10x on you Ya Rasoolullah (SAW) I will make sure he drinks from the fountain of Al-Kawsar. Al-kawsar is the fountain which belongs to Rasoolallah (SAW).

Hazrat Israfeel (AS) said whoever sends Durood 10x on you Ya Rasoolullah (SAW) I will fall in to sajdah and will not get up until Allah the Almighty grants him forgiveness.

Hazrat Izraeel (AS) said when the time comes to take his soul, I will take it in the same way as I take the souls of the Prophets (AS).

Guaranteed Acceptance:

Your namaz, your Hajj, your zakat, your dua and your other religious duties may or may not get accpeted. There is no guarantee. However, Allah due to His love for the Holy Prophet (SAW) never rejects any salutations upon the Holy Prophet (SAW) even if done to show off. There will be a separate punishment for showing off but your Durood Shareef is still accepted. This is how much He loves His Habib (SAW).

Allahumma Salley ala Sayyedina Muhammadin wa ala alay Sayyedina wa Moulana Muhammadin wa barik wa sullum . Brothers & sisters read Durood shareef loudly on to Rasoolullah (SAW).

Allahumma Salley ala Sayyedina Muhammadin wa ala alay Sayyedina wa Moulana Muhammadin wa barik wa sullum.

Consider It Important!!

  1. Please make sure you recite your Durood Shareef with full love.
  2. Recite it consistently.
  3. Recite your chosen amount every day.
  4. Please update your website account before sunset every day so that we can keep up to date with the daily and the collective running total.

What to do next?

  1. Open an account on the website if you wish for yourself today.
  2. Start reciting the Durood Shareef!
  3. Invite every single member of your family and friends to do the same.
  4. Ask your friends to invite their friends and their family members as well.

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You may want to read this!!

In the frenzy of love for Hazoor-e-Aqdas (SAW) Hazrat Salman al-Farsi (RA) searched restlessly in the deserts of Arabia. For this same love Sayyeduna Bilal (RA) was laid down on the burning coals. Hazrat Khubayb (RA) was crucified. Hazrat Abu Jandal (RA) was shackled but never waivered from the truth, never waivered from this love. Hazrat Abu Zar Gaffari (RA) spoke the truth in the face of torture. And Hur (RA) gave his life in the favour of truth and love.

We are wholly indebted to our exalted prophet (SAW) for whom this world was created. O my master the perfect and the pure, may my soul be sacrificed for you. O Allah send thousands & thousands of praises and salutations on to our glorious leader and master, the blessed and the beautiful, the master of the universe, the pride of the creation, the leader of the prophets, the intercessor of the sinners, the blessing to the worlds, the generous and the gracious, the final and the last messenger, the solace for the hearts of true muslims, the beloved of the Lord of the worlds, the light of the seekers of truth, the lover of the devotees, our leader, our supporter, our messenger, our loved and beloved and the cherished Muhammad-al-Mustafa, Ahmad-al-Mujtaba, the unlettered Muhammad-ur-Rasoolallah (SAW).

The existence of everything in the universe is because of him (SAW). Had he (SAW) not been born there would have been nothing in this world. There would have been no heavens, no earth, no animals, no trees, no minerals, no rocks. Nothing. Absolutely nothing!!

Whenever the world was gripped by a crisis or is gripped by a crisis, it can only be overcome by the remembrance of the honour and the life of Rasoolallah (SAW). Indeed, the remembrance of the honour and the life of Rasoolallah (SAW) is a guaranteed solution for all the calamities and misfortunes in the world. Would Allah the Almighty, ever ignore the remembrance of His Habeeb (SAW)? No. Never! For whatever purpose the remembrance is undertaken it is always accepted and fulfilled.

Rasoolallah (SAW) is nur from Allah's nur and everything in the whole universe is from his (SAW) nur! The nur of the holy prophet (SAW), the mercy to the worlds, is reflected in everything of the universe. The blessings of the prophet (SAW), is prevalent all over the world and the whole of the universe can be accommodated in his (SAW) lap of blessings. There is no limit to the width and the depth and the lap of the blessings of Rasoolallah (SAW).

Allah Almighty, the King of Kings says, "You wish to please Me then please my Habeeb. To please My Habeeb is to please me and to love Him is to love Me. Whoever elevated My Habeeb's zikr he elevated My zikr and whoever elevated My zikr, I exalted him in both of the worlds. Allah says In My court, no action has greater acceptance than the zikr of my Habeeb. I am Rabbul Alameen and my Habeeb is Rahmatul Lilalameen. You beg at his door, you beg at my door, for his door is My door. He is my Habeeb. You want to reach to Me; you find my Habeeb's door for he is your Guide to My path.

A person said that once he was going to be chastised. No words came to him that he could speak of in his defence. He began trembling and in desperation he cried out: "Agisni ya Rasoolallah. Agisni ya Rasoolallah (SAW)! Help me ya Rasoolallah!. Help me ya Rasoolallah (SAW)!." He says in the time it took him to say these words, his condition changed immediately. Mashallah! Subhanullah!

Brothers & sisters our master, may our soul be sacrificed for Him (SAW) is the embodiment of majesty, beauty and perfection. May none of our deeds ever sadden our master, our comforter, Hazoor-e-Aqdas (SAW). Learn and understand this that every word of our speech and all of our actions are presented to him (SAW). Just think, what would come to pass on the sacred heart of Rasoolullah (SAW), the pride of all beings (SAW), when our deeds are presented to Him (SAW). My Shaikh Babaji Hazoor says I wish you had burnt to ashes in hell and became nothing rather than presenting such of your deeds to him (SAW).

O people it is the evening of our lives. Long shadows have been cast. The rooster has given its call. Our relationship with our breath is about to be broken. Wake up. Wake up from your slumber. Do not get trapped in the beauty of this world. It is all fake. It is all a deception. This world and everything it contains, is temporary and will end soon. Wake up. Wake up before it's too late. Shops around us are closing one by one. We have not yet bought what we have come to buy. This is the last call of the day. Wake up. Wake up now.

O my Master Sayyeduna Kareemun (SAW), may my soul be sacrificed for you, in your excellence is my comfort. In your excellence is our comfort. In your excellence is the comfort of the whole Universe. You are the solution to all of my problems. You are the solution to all of our problems. In your grandeur is my consolation. In your grandeur is our consolation ya Rasoolallah (SAW). When it comes to generosity, Ya Rasoolallah (SAW), you exceed all boundaries and distribute beyond all limits. Your court, Ya Rahmatul-lil-Alamin, is always open to everyone, it never closes. Your door is the key of mercy for the whole universe ya Rasoolallah (SAW). Oh our master, may our souls be sacrificed for you (SAW), nobody ever returns empty-handed from your court. Ya Rasooallah (SAW) we beseech you and we plead with you to accept us and to grant us with your one and everlasting look.

Ya Rasoolallah (SAW)! We have begged at every door in this world but have returned empty handed. Today we have come to your court, your door ya Rasoolallah (SAW). There is nothing left for us in this world except hope at your door Ya Rasoolallah (SAW)! You have never turned anyone away from your door Ya Rasoolullah (SAW). It would not befit your glory to turn anyone away Ya Rasoolallah (SAW). We humbly request and beg and ask that you answer our call today. You accept us and open the door of your mercy for all of us and shower us with your infinite blessings. Please accept us Ya Rasoolullah (SAW)! Please accept us Ya Rasoolullah (SAW)! May no one go empty handed from this site today? Ameen.

To Allah I say, Oh Allah! grant us the true obedience and the following of Your Habeeb (SAW). Oh Allah! grant us the true, pure and refined love for your sacred and beloved Habib Muhammad al Mustafa (SAW). Ameen, Summa Ameen!!

May Allah give us all the taufeeq to send "Sayyeduna Kareemun (SAW)" durood shareef on to our glorious prophet (SAW) in abundance every day. Ameen!!

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